kms creates sound: studio/backing tracks


We create music of every genre to support your project, we're offering classical instruments as well as electronic samples. The results can be used in many ways, be it as backing tracks for demo records, as background music of video- or videogame productions or as radio-ready track - were eager to work with every wish you have.


To create a track we use a huge arsenal of virtual instruments. Depending on the project we can also use recorded analogue tracks as well. These are recorded directly via instrument input or are recorded via several microphones.
Later the single tracks are blended in the studio and mixed to a ready-to-use track.

Individual Solutions

The urge to create something unique is big. Everybody wants to rise above the masses.
We are working hard to create the best result for your project. Individual configuration or special work routines are no problem at kms. Our competent team takes on all of your challenges while we try to meet your needs.