The final mix: ready-to-use tracks made by kms


kms has got the tools and possibilities of a small studio to merge single tracks, mix them properly and finalize them to a complete track. Our equipment is the limit with our work, the result does not meet those of big studios. But its enough for demo recordings or similar. Depending on the input signal we cut off the edge of your raw material, finish it to a point where it can be published.


Who doesn't know this problem: finally the record is done, but... why is there a crackle in the take? Isn't that a slightly false note in the chorus? And why is the whole recording that silent?
We at kms know these problems and have several things in store to help you with that. Pitch correction, compression, well-rounded equalizing and other effects get your recordings to the best result.


Background music for a commercial? Voiceover for a company presentation? Sound effects to give your slideshow the certain something? based on existing video or picture material we come up with ideas and work on those until a satisfying result is created.
Of course we can mix audio directly into your existing video material. We understand that timing and exact placing of the tracks to the right context of the video is very important.