About kms


The idea of an own studio came up in 2012 because several projects created the need of buying studio equipment. The upgrade of an existing DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with several hardware elements like mixer, controller, effect panels or microphones led to the completion of the small studio. The beginning of working with the studio equpiment and the effort that came with it was very high. Handling of the new equipment and know-how had to be learned. It took hours of work to set up hardware devices, connect them, put up rooms to work in them and finally test all of the things.

Where else to, if not straight ahead? - f.maier

This all was paid with own saved money because it wasn't planned to use the stuido equipment with third parties. Over the following years hardware was added, old hardware renewed, new techniques were learned and knowledge was build along with it, always like the favorite phrase of the CEO of kms "Where else to, if not straight ahead?" - a motto which is both motor and fuel of the studio until this day.


First the whole studio was a one-man-gig. After several projects with a number of bands Florian Maier focused on building knowledge about studio work and the used hard- and software.
This changed in 2015 when new started projects demanded a growth of the team. First, several freelancers were hired to ensure enough manpower with projects on location like Live-Recordings of events.
The first person to permanently be added to the team was Leonie Klein who supports kms with her solid knowledge about audio recording since August 2015.

Shortly after that, Ralph Berg joined the group, supporting the team regarding work related to studio technique and mastering. The trio of Florian, Leonie and Ralph are the heart and soul of kms. Along with the freelancers they are up to any task which is put in front of them.


Kms is a small studio. We ensure that a setting is solid and can be looked at and can be handled with our small team of experts. For mobile use we'rre using an 8 channel mixer, 6 cord microphones and several digital recorders.

In the studio we're working with Presonus Studio One as the DAW of our choice. There are several analogue and digital instruments available, plus a huge arsenal of plugins and effects.